Coding with Colors; A Youngsters’ guide to Information Technology, HTML and CSS (ebook)

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This book is written in the simplest of terms, to help you better understand the fundamentals of IT, HTML and CSS

What you’ll learn by purchasing this book…

  • Introduction to Information Technology
    Opportunities in IT   |   The Computer     |      Webpages.
    Website vs Webpage, what’s the difference?
  • HTML: a language of texts
    What it is used for    |    Working with text editors     |    Elements and Attributes
    Red Means Stop; Rules of Html       |       HTML Tags
  • Structure of an HTML page
    Structure of a website
  • Introduction to UI/UX
  • Colours and Styling
    HEX codes
  • Cascading Stylesheets (css)
    Inline styles     |     Global styling      |Fonts
  • Hands-on Practice
    Quizzes and answers
    Swift Support by the Author
  • You get a chance to be a part of our growing community of tech enthusiasts.



Coding with Colors; A Youngsters’ guide to Information Technology, HTML and CSS (ebook)

Coding with Colors - sneak peek

There is no better time to be in Information and Technology as now. Most often than never, the average youngster is denied certain kinds of information, especially in this part of the world, Africa. People here don’t see the need to educate the youngster in subject matters pertaining to Information Technology. perceive this subject as destructive; a tool for social disintegration, a seduction into obscurity and solitude, a weapon of mass destruction, fraud and subtle deception. It becomes important that we begin at the early stages to groom and nurture the young generation on the importance of Information Technology as a subject matter, worthy of concise elaboration; at home and in the classroom. We’ve focused a lot discussing the history of computers in elementary school, leaving out the unending possibilities of the future. Coding with colours is designed and put together to teach kids the basics of coding, designing, IT fundamentals and all they need to know to pursue a career in Information Technology. This book is well crafted with the simplest of terms to make for easy grasping of the basics of HTML, CSS, and Tech fundamentals. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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